Dear clients and customers, due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation and following Government guidelines, we will be closing the Laboratory until further notice.

If you require collections of work that is continuing to the next stage within the government’s proposed lockdown period, please call the lab on 01227 762175 to discuss the options with the Office Manager.

For denture repair customers, please telephone 07973 442049. The senior technician has facilities at his home address in Faversham, and can undertake basic repairs there. Please note we DO NOT provide new dentures, additions of new teeth or ‘clips/clasps’ to old dentures or making old dentures fit better (relines). For these services you will need to contact your dentist directly. Mr Steve Champion will be pleased to advise you about any denture issues you may be experiencing. Denture repairs at his home address will be strictly distanced according to Government guidelines.

For pain, lost dentures, loose crowns/caps/bridges and other dental issues, please contact your own dentist.
We hope to resume normal service as soon as the guidelines are updated to allow this. In the meantime, please stay safe.

For additional and up to date information regarding Coronavirus, please visit

Thank you for your co-operation.