Flexible Dentures

Our flexible dentures are discreet, natural in appearance and lightweight,  the perfect combination for patient satisfaction.

We manufacture two flexible dentures: Duraflex and Semiflex.  Suitability depends on patient specifications.

Both are quite lightweight and natural in appearance, and come with the option of clear clasps.  They are less noticeable and more discreet than other dentures.

Duraflex Flexible Dentures

  • Made from a thermoplastic dental material
  • Most flexible denture we offer
  • Suitable for partial dentures
  • Ideal for cases such as small side plates, or where the posterior teeth are missing on either side
  • Stain resistant, with virtually no moisture absorption: a hygienic option for suitable patients
  • More comfortable fit than acrylic dentures

Semiflex, by QDent

  • Labelled a ‘revolutionary’ new material within dentistry
  • Flexibility dependent of thickness of acrylic (therefore determined by patient requirements)
  • Not as flexible as Duraflex

Semiflex can be re-lined, repaired and added to.  These additions work well, due to perfect adherence between the QDent Semiflex acrylic and the artificial teeth.

Dentures made in Semiflex can have any number of teeth on them, from single tooth partials to full (complete) dentures.