Therapeutic and Habit-Breaking Devices

Our guards and habit-breaking devices effectively protect your patients’ teeth and long term health.

Michigan/Tanner Appliances

  • These appliances are designed and constructed to your specifications.
  • Upper and lower impressions are first cast with stone, articulated to a Kavo Protar articulator using facebow/average, and then condyles adjusted according to centric/lateral L/R and protrusive registrations.
  • The finished appliance is re-mounted, checked and returned on the master model.  If required, we can sandblast the occasion to allow paper witness marks to easily transfer when fitting.

Note: we process in Ivobase Clear to ensure accuracy, strength and colour stability.

Hard Bite Raisers

These hard and soft bruxism guards are supplied in addition to our other habit-breaking and therapeutic appliances, such as Michigan/Tanner splints.

Our hard vacuum appliances

  • Often called soft/hard or dual laminate splints, these are a 1mm soft layer that envelopes the teeth with a seamless bonded ‘hard’ layer that contacts the opposing teeth.
  • This hard layer is available in 1,2,3 and 4mm thicknesses.  This, in addition to the 1mm soft layer, gives the adequate protection to natural dentition, as well as protection to All-on-4 type bridges, against grinding and potential damage at night.

Clear Processed Acrylic Splints

We can also supply clear processed acrylic splints.

  • These are a standard ‘2 wax-sheets thick’, articulated to the opposing teeth and given uniform contact.
  • Available with ‘smooth’ finish or with ‘locking’ indentations, and with or without anterior bite planes.

DOCSnoreNix ® Anti snoring Appliance

The DOCSnoreNix® appliance is an effective response to snoring.  It comprises of an upper and lower guard made from a comfortable material that is soft against your teeth with a hard covering.  These are joined together with a special thermal spring.   The spring postures the lower jaw forward and opens the airway allowing a clear passage for airflow.

The spring starts with a firm tension, which becomes softer during the night and allows the wearer to be comfortable.  The really clever part is the wire spring has thermal memory.  If it is run under hot water before wearing and the spring resets to its original tension and shape.

DOCSnoreNix® Testimonial

As a wearer of the DOCSnoreNix® appliance myself, I can confirm and attest to its comfort and effectiveness.

Steve Champion RDT